Review: Is It Scam Or Legit Store? Review Review Review – Assurexo store is a website that sells shirts and pants and is also known as or Assurexo com. The online shop sells things that are not expensive. If you buy more than $30 worth of items, the shipping is free.

Also, the website does not say how you can pay for your purchase. On their website, they do not tell how long it will take for things to be delivered or explain what happens if you want to take something back.

Is the Assurexo store real? – Review

Assurexo seems real because their website looks good and their prices are low, but can you really believe them. Here’s what we found out about Assurexo.

  1. We do not have any information about the owner.
  2. The website name is new.
  3. The store doesn’t have a good reputation.
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Things you need to understand before purchasing from Assurexo – Review Review – seems like a website where you can buy things for your pets quickly, but you need to think about some things before you buy. Here are some more helpful tips.

Contact information that is not available or cannot be found

The website where you can buy things online doesn’t give you a way to contact them by phone or address. This seems uncertain because if the company doesn’t send what was bought, the buyers cannot speak directly to the company. Be careful

Shady Sale – Review Review – The prices on the Rakkiss scam website are very low and impossible to believe. These are signs that the store is only trying to get people to come inside. This is actually a trick where something is promised but something else is given instead.

No one is responsible or held accountable – Review

If you get tricked, it’s hard to know who did it because the person’s details are hidden. So, no one takes responsibility. If there is nobody to show who runs the store, there might be a problem.

This text is about information that has been copied from somewhere else Review – took most of its website information, such as how products can be returned and pictures of the products, from another online store that may not be trustworthy.

What do people think about it. Is it real or fake? – Review

Reviews are helpful because they tell you about people’s real experiences with an online store. They can tell you about the store’s sales, how they deliver things, and the quality of the products they sell.

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Be careful when ordering from fake stores because it can make you angry and sad. They just want to take people’s money without giving them anything in return. You won’t receive what you chose to buy at this shop.

How to not get tricked by fake websites – Review Review – Search online to make sure that the website’s name, picture, location, email address, and other information are real.

Check if the website has a trust symbol – Review

To check if a website is real, certificate authority (CA) makes a special stamp to show that it’s certified. If a website has a badge that says “Trusted site certification,” it means it’s safe for shoppers to use.

Check the Google Transparency Report

Google finds many websites every day that are unsafe or have been compromised. You can look up certain website addresses to check if they have been hacked.

See if the website has social media pages – Review Review – By checking if the store is on social media, you can tell if it’s a scam or not. Be careful of things like copying other people’s work, using old pictures, not getting people interested, not being honest, and connecting to harmful websites.

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Summary – Review Review – The store called Assurexo is not a good place to shop. Don’t trust it. The online store doesn’t seem to have many people who trust it or have commented about it.

We suggest that shoppers should read real reviews online before buying anything to avoid getting scammed by fake websites.

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