Review: Is It A Scam or Legit Store? Review Review Review – Curvedream store, also known as, is a website where you can buy women’s clothes like pants, cozy shirts, swim suits, and jackets. Additionally, the website sells things at low prices and lets you have free shipping if you spend $79 or more.

The online store says they only take one kind of payment like PayPal, VISA, or Amex. On their website, you can return items within 30 days and the time it takes for delivery may be different.

We looked into the Curvedream Clothing Store and found out some things – Review

The Curvedream clothing store website looks real and the prices are low, but you may wonder if they’re trustworthy. We looked into it, and here’s what we found.

  1. The website doesn’t reveal your identity.
  2. We don’t have any information about the owner.
  3. The store is rated okay.
  4. Social media connections are not connected to the website.
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What do people think about Curvedream products. Is it really good – Review Review – Reviews are written by people who have actually used an online store. They talk about things like how good the sales are, how the delivery works, and how good the products are. Reading reviews can help you learn more about the online store.

After looking it up, we found out that the online shop only got a score of 1. 3 out of 5 on another website. The online store called Curvedream got some poor reviews from their customers on TrustPilot. Have a look yourself. Review – They won’t answer your emails. They won’t give their address if you want to send back the things you bought. You are not allowed to give back the things you bought. The material used was not expensive and the sewing was done poorly.

Don’t buy from this company. I’ll ask the credit card company for help.

Some customers said:

Gina said –

I spent more than $100 on clothes from this company, but the quality of the materials was not as good as they looked on the company’s website. Why can’t someone stop companies from lying to customers. They shouldn’t be able to promote their products to people if they are lying.

Codler said –

Be careful when ordering from fake stores because you might feel upset and let down. They just want to take people’s money without giving them what they bought. You wouldn’t get the things you asked for if you buy from this shop.

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Important information to keep in mind before making a purchase on Curvedream – Review Review – At first glance, looks like a website where you can buy just one thing with one click. But, before you buy, there are other things to think about.

The contact information cannot be found or accessed

The store on the internet doesn’t have a phone number or address you can reach out to. This may not be a good idea because if the items don’t arrive, the buyers can’t talk to the company directly. Be careful

Email that doesn’t work or doesn’t get a response – Review

Curvedream’s email address is on their website for everyone to see. What you need to understand is that it’s just another way to seem honest. People who wrote emails through the platform were disappointed.

Big sales that seem too good to be true and make you suspicious Review – The prices on Curvedream website are not real. They are too low to be possible. These signs mean the store is only trying to make people want to come inside. It’s a scam where people trick you by promising something good, but then give you something else.

No one is being held responsible – Review

If someone tricks you and you don’t know who they are, they won’t be held responsible. If there isn’t a real person in charge of the store, that could be a bad sign.

Someone has duplicated or stolen information and presented it as their own Review – The Curvedream store has taken a lot of things like their return policy and pictures of products from a website that may not be trustworthy. You may see this in fake stores trying to look real.

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How to recognize fake websites more easily – Review

Check if a website is real by looking up its name, picture, location, email and other information online.

Check if the website has a trust symbol – Review Review – To make sure a website is real, a certificate authority made a special stamp for trustworthy sites. When a website has a Trusted site certification badge, shoppers can feel safe because they know the site is secure.

Try the Google Transparency Report – Review

Every day, Google finds many websites that could be dangerous or have been hacked. You can look up certain web addresses to check if a website has been hacked.

Look to see if the website has social media accounts – Review Review – Keeping track of a website’s social media accounts can help you identify a fake store. Be careful of things like copying someone else’s work or using the same pictures again and again, not interacting with your audience, not being open and honest, and providing links that can harm your device or steal your personal information.

Summary – Review and Udysloco are not good websites for shopping because they may not be honest.

The online store doesn’t seem trustworthy because people have said bad things about it online. We recommend that you are careful when shopping online. Be aware of fake clothing websites so you don’t accidentally buy from one.

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