Review 2023: Is It Scam Or Legit? Review Review Review – is a website store that sells different kinds of sweaters, like ones made of wool or knitted.

This website seems suspicious and may not be trustworthy. This review will explain why. We found some things.

Why you shouldn’t shop at – Review

There are many problems with Fragmentca, so it’s best to not buy anything from the site. Some warning signs are:

Building a Website – Review Review – Customer complaints means when a customer is unhappy or dissatisfied with a product or service and tells the company about it.

People who bought things from this store have written online that the store is a scam because they either never received what they bought or got something that was not good quality. We tried to get our money back from the store but couldn’t.

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It didn’t tell us where it is located – Review

Fragmentca has not shown its contact address on its website. It seems like is keeping something hidden from the people who buy from them, and that’s not a good sign. It’s not trustworthy since real stores always have correct details on their website. This means that the store is probably trying to cheat people.

Discounts that seem too good to be true and may be seen as dishonest or alarming Review – The really cheap prices on the website are probably not real and suggest that the store might be trying to cheat people. If you spend more than $50, you can get free shipping.

Not enough safety/protection or none at all.

The website is not safe because it doesn’t have Mcafee or Norton protection. This means that the website can be easily attacked by hackers who may steal and change customers’ private and money-related details.

Things that were taken without permission – Review Review – took a lot of its pictures and information from other online stores without permission.

This happens a lot with fake online shops. The sellers trick people into thinking they’re buying the real thing, but they actually get a low-quality copy of it and can’t give it back.

Social media not allowed – Review Review – The website is not on social media, which is strange because most real online stores are on social media.

Is fake or real? – Review

Fragmentcacom has many warning signs based on the important points mentioned earlier.

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Is it safe to shop on No, and this is the reason why – Review

Nowadays, PayPal cannot promise a quick return of money. These deceitful online stores often use a phony tracking number that has nothing to do with your order. This is a false number entered into your PayPal payment. It tricks PayPal into thinking the payment is complete, so it’s hard to reverse the charge.

3 important things you should know when you’re buying things from – Review

If you buy things from a dishonest shop, remember these three things:

We did not get your package – Review

This happens often with dishonest online stores – they take your money but don’t actually send you anything.

Getting a product that is not the one you wanted or one that is not as good as the one you wanted

Getting something that was not wanted instead of the thing that was asked for. This is when someone tricks you by showing you something you really want, but then gives you something else instead. For example, instead of getting a big closet, they might give you a cheap pair of sunglasses made of plastic.

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Stolen credit card – Review

Your credit card could be stolen by fake digital shops. This means that sometimes you might be charged for something you didn’t want to buy or the store might ask you to pay more than what things really cost. They take money from your credit card many times.

Summing up – Review Review – It seems like is a fake online store. This store has tricked people into buying things and there are many warning signs. People should be careful if they decide to shop there.

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