Reviews 2023: Is Iwcsek A Scam Or Legit Store? Reviews Reviews Reviews – Iwcsek is a store on the internet that sells things like wooden boxes with wheels for gardens, raised garden beds, and metal garden beds. They are selling these items at a very low price which is making people think it might not be trustworthy.

This website has a lot of signs that it’s not real. In this review, you’ll learn all about it. Here are some things that were found out:

Why you should not buy from – Reviews

Iwcsek has a lot of warning signs, so you shouldn’t choose to buy things from the website. There are warning signs that can be seen, which are called red flags.

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Making a website – Reviews

The website was made in June 2022 and will go away in June 2024, which means it’s not very reliable and could disappear anytime. Reviews – Customer complaints mean when a customer is unhappy with a product or service and lets the company know about it.

People who bought things from this shop wrote reviews online saying it’s a bad store. They didn’t get what they ordered or got a bad product. We tried to get our money back from the store, but they wouldn’t talk to us.

The contact address is not real – Reviews

Iwcsek’s contact address is on their website as Lefern Company Limited, located in Hamilton House, Mabledon Place, London, England. But after looking more closely, it was discovered that this address is connected to many dishonest websites that trick people. is suspicious because it’s not giving its buyers enough information. This seems wrong because real stores usually give correct details on their website. The red flag means that the store might be trying to scam you.

Discounts that seem suspicious or too good to be true – Reviews

The very low prices on the website are suspicious and could mean that the store is fake.

The place is not secure or safe – Reviews

The website is not safe because it doesn’t have Mcafee or Norton to protect it. This means that bad people might be able to get into the website and take or change people’s personal and money information.

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Things that were taken without permission – Reviews copied a lot of the things on their website from other online stores without permission. Reviews – This happens a lot with fake online shops. They pretend that the products are real, but actually customers get fake and low-quality products and can’t return them.

Don’t use social media – Reviews

The website is not on any social media platforms. This is strange because most real online stores are active on social media.

Is a real website or a scam? – Reviews has many warnings that show they may not be trustworthy. Reviews – This store tricks people with low prices, like other fake online shops. Sometimes, people order things but get something different or of poor quality. Some people don’t even get their order at all. This is a trick where someone offers something good, but then gives something else that is not as good.

If you use PayPal to shop on, it does not always guarantee safe shopping – Reviews

This means there may be some risks involved.

Nowadays, PayPal may not be able to give you a fast refund. These bad online shops tell lies and give you a fake code to track your order that doesn’t really belong to you. When someone puts a fake tracking number in a PayPal transaction, it tricks PayPal into thinking the transaction was finished. This can make it very hard to get your money back if there is a problem.

3 important things to remember when buying things from – Reviews Reviews – If you buy things from a dishonest store, you need to remember three important things. These are:

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We did not get your package – Reviews

This happens a lot with fake online stores – they take your money but never send you anything.

Getting a product that is not the one you wanted or is of lower quality

Getting something that wasn’t requested or ordered. This is when someone tricks you by showing you one thing, but giving you something different and less valuable. For example, they might show you a nice piece of furniture, but give you a cheap pair of sunglasses instead.

Someone got unauthorized access to a credit card without permission

Fake online stores might steal your credit card information. Sometimes, the store might take extra money from you or charge you for something you didn’t buy. They take away money from your credit card regularly.

Summary – Reviews doesn’t seem like a real online store. This store has tricked people into buying things that aren’t good. There are many things that show it might not be a good place to shop.

People who want to buy from this store should be careful. To avoid getting tricked by fake online stores, people should look up how old the website is on Who. They should also check if the store has an address and search for it on Google and Google maps. This will show if the store is in a real warehouse or a house.

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