Review 2023: Is It A Scam or Legit Store? Review Review Review – is a website where you can buy stuff like rugs and carpets. They sell these things for a really cheap price, but it seems a bit untrustworthy.

This website looks suspicious and is probably not trustworthy. This review will tell you everything you need to know about it. We found out some things.

Why you shouldn’t buy from – Review

Joelact has many warning signs, so it’s best not to shop on their website. Some warning signs that something might be wrong are:

Creating a website – Review Review – The website was made in April 2023 and will be gone in April 2024. This means it’s not reliable, since it won’t be around for very long.

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When a customer has a problem or is not happy with a product or service they received, they can make a complaint.

People who bought things from this store said online that the store is fake because they didn’t receive what they bought. I tried to get my money back from the store, but they wouldn’t answer my calls or messages.

It has a wrong or untrue address for contact information – Review Review – Joelact gave its contact address on its website as Fadel Beatty Company Limited at a place called Balmoral Industrial Estate, South Navan in Meath, Ireland. A search showed that this address is used by other online stores that are not honest. seems to be hiding information from its buyers, which is doubtful. It seems doubtful because real shops always give correct information on their website. This red flag shows that the store might be a scam.

Big discounts that seem too good to be true and make people suspicious

The prices on the website are too low to be real. This means that the store might be trying to trick you, so be careful.

Not enough protection or safety – Review Review – is not a safe website because it doesn’t have protection from Mcafee or Norton. This means that bad people could get into the website and take or mess with people’s private and money information.

Stolen things or items that have been taken without permission copied a lot of its stuff, like pictures of things to buy, from other websites.

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This happens a lot with fake websites. They sell fake products and customers cannot return them.

Don’t use social media – Review Review – The store is not on social media, which is strange because real online stores usually have social media accounts.

Can we trust or is it a fake website? – Review has many problems that need to be fixed.

This website tricks people by offering low prices like other fake online stores. Sometimes, customers get something different than what they ordered or something that is not of good quality. Some customers may even receive nothing at all when they make an order. This is when someone tricks you by offering one thing, but giving you something else instead. It happens a lot.

Is it safe to shop on – Review

No, it’s not guaranteed to be safe, and here’s why. Review – Nowadays, PayPal might not give you a fast refund as they used to. These fake online stores often use a fake tracking number that has nothing to do with your order. Someone used a false tracking number for the PayPal payment, so it looks like everything has been paid for and it’s hard to reverse the payment. If you want to know how to get your money back, click here to learn more.

A scam store is a store that deceives people by selling fake or low-quality products, or by taking their money without delivering the products they promised.

3 Important Things to Keep in Mind When Buying From – Review

If you buy things from a bad store, remember three things you need to know:

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You didn’t get your package – Review

Scam online stores often take your money but never deliver the item you ordered.

Getting a different or worse item than expected Review – Getting something totally different from what you wanted to buy. This is when someone tricks you by showing you one thing but giving you something else, like getting a cheap pair of sunglasses instead of the nice closet you wanted. It’s not fair and can be called a bait and switch scam.

Stolen credit card information – Review

It’s possible for your credit card to be stolen by fake online shops. You might have to pay for something you didn’t buy or the store might charge you too much money. Sometimes, they take money out of your credit card frequently.

Summary – Review Review – It seems like is a fake website. The store has cheated people who didn’t know and there are many warning signs. People should be careful when shopping there.

If you want to avoid fake online shops, you can do two things: first, find out how long the website has been active using a tool called Who. Second, find the store’s address and copy and paste it into Google Maps to see if it’s a real store or just someone’s home.

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