Review 2023: Is It Scam Or Legit? Review Review Review – Moohbbp is a fake online store called that is pretending to be Lincoln Electric by using its name and logo. This shop says they are selling welding machines and other things at a very cheap price, but it might not be safe to trust them.

This website seems fake and there are many signs that it is not trustworthy. This review will tell you everything you need to know about this store. There are some things that have been found.

Here are some reasons why you should not buy things from – Review Review – The website called Moohbbp has many bad signs, so you shouldn’t shop there. Some warning signs are:

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Making a website – Review

The website was made in March 2023 and will end in March 2024. This makes it seem like a website that can be thrown away easily, meaning it may not be safe to use. Review – When a customer is unhappy with something they bought or experienced, they might tell the company that they are not satisfied. This is called a customer complaint.

People who bought things from this store wrote reviews online saying the store is not honest because they didn’t receive what they bought. Review – We tried to contact the store for a refund, but couldn’t because their email doesn’t work. The phone numbers given on the website are not working.

Someone is pretending to be The Lincoln Electric Company is pretending to be Lincoln Electric to trick customers into thinking they are shopping from the real Moohbbp store.

It hasn’t shared where you can find it – Review

Moohbbp doesn’t show where to contact on its website. Something seems off, is keeping secrets from its customers. Review – It’s not looking good because real stores always have correct information on their website. This red flag means the store might be trying to trick you.

Big discounts that seem too good to be true and might cause suspicion

The very cheap prices on the website are probably not real, which is a sign that the store might be trying to trick people.

Lack of safety measures/Inadequate protection – Review Review – The website is not safe because it doesn’t have Mcafee or Norton security. This means the website is easily attacked by people who can steal or change customers’ personal and money-related details.

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Feedback from a person who has bought or used a product or service

It’s strange that there are no reviews from customers on the website. Genuine stores usually have a place where customers can leave reviews.

Things that have been taken from someone without permission or payment. Review – took a lot of their stuff, like pictures of the products, from other online stores without permission.

This happens a lot with fake internet shops. They pretend that their products are real, but they actually give customers fake, low-quality products and don’t let them return them.

Is a fake website or a real one? – Review has many warning signs.

It tricks people by offering really cheap prices, like other fake online stores. But sometimes, when people order things, they get something completely different or of lower quality than what they wanted, or even nothing at all. Review – This is a typical way of tricking someone by luring them in with something and then giving them something else instead.

Are you sure you’re safe when you use PayPal to buy things from – Review

Unfortunately, no. Let me explain why.

PayPal cannot promise a quick refund currently. Some dishonest online shops use fake tracking numbers that have nothing to do with your order. Review – If you put in a fake tracking number when you use PayPal, it might look like you completed the transaction.

This can make it really hard to get your money back if there’s a problem.

A scam store is a dishonest shop that tries to trick people into giving them money by selling fake or low-quality products.

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Here are 3 important things to keep in mind when you buy things from – Review

Be careful when buying from this fake store and remember these 3 important things.

You haven’t gotten your package

This is what usually happens with fake online shops – they take your money, but you never get what you ordered.

Getting a different or worse product than you expected Review – Receiving something that is totally different from what was asked for. This is when someone tricks you by offering one thing, but giving you something different instead. For example, they might promise to give you a wardrobe, but they actually give you a cheap plastic sunglasses.

Someone has gotten unauthorized access to a credit card – Review

This online store might steal your credit card information. Sometimes, you might be charged too much by the store or for something you never asked for. They frequently take money from your credit card.

Summary – Review

It seems like is a fake website. This store is not trustworthy and has tricked people into buying things. Review – There are many warning signs that show this and shoppers should be careful. If you want to avoid getting tricked by fake online stores, look up how old their website is on

Also, make sure to check the address they give you. You can copy and paste it into Google and use Google Maps to see if it’s a real store or just somebody’s house.

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