Review 2023: Is It Scam Or Legit Store? Review Review Review – Yeager is an online store that sells different things like cleaning spray, flashlight, floor cleaner, tooth repair, and vegetable cutter. These things are being sold at a very cheap price, which seems questionable.

This website may not be real and has many signs that show it’s not trustworthy. This review will tell you everything you need to know about it. Here are some things that we found.

There are some reasons why you shouldn’t buy things from Yeager – Review Review – Yeager has many warning signs, so you should avoid buying anything from their website. There are signs called “Red flags” which indicate a problem.

Making a website – Review

The website was made in January 2023 and will only be usable until January 2024. This suggests that the website can be easily thrown away, so it might not be trustworthy.

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People who bought things from this store said online that it’s a scam because they didn’t get what they wanted or got something bad instead. We tried to get our money back from the store, but couldn’t reach them.

Here’s what some customers said:

Timothy said – is not a real and trustworthy company. I bought something and used my computer to pay for it. You didn’t get the product. I find it difficult to understand the emails I get. I’ve been trying to get my money back or the thing I ordered since April 2023. This business is trying to trick people. They keep making excuses and avoiding your questions until you feel like quitting.

It’s pretending to have an address, but it’s not a real one – Review

Yeager has put its address on its website. It is at 372 Southampton Row, London WC1A 2QD, UK. A big search showed that this address is connected to many bad online stores. Something seems wrong with Yeager. Store because they are not sharing all their information with customers. This seems strange because real stores usually give correct information on their website. This red flag means the store might be a scam.

Some company that can’t be trusted owns it – Review Review – This thing belongs to a company called Meledo Company Limited. This company is known for tricking people who don’t expect it.

Big discounts that seem too good to be true and make you feel suspicious or surprised.

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The very cheap prices on the website are probably not real and it’s a warning that the store might be a trick.

This means that there is not much protection or safety in place – Review Review – Yeager.Store is not a safe website because it doesn’t have protection from Mcafee or Norton. “This can make the website easy for hackers to get in and take people’s personal and money information.”

Things taken by someone who isn’t supposed to have them

Yeager.Store has taken things from other online stores without asking permission.

This happens a lot with fake online shops. They pretend to sell real products, but actually customers get a low-quality imitation and can’t send it back.

Don’t use social media – Review Review – The Yeager Store doesn’t have accounts on social media, so you can’t find it on sites like Facebook or Twitter. This is strange because real online stores usually have social media pages.

Is Yeager.Store a scam or a real website? – Review

Yeager.Store has many signs that show potential problems. Review – Similar to fake online shops, it offers low-priced items to attract shoppers. When people order something, sometimes they don’t get what they wanted. Sometimes they get something worse or even nothing at all. This is a trick where someone promises one thing but gives you something else.

Can you be sure shopping on Yeager.Store is safe if you use PayPal. Not necessarily, and here’s the reason why Review – PayPal may not give your money back quickly anymore. Fake online stores often give you a made-up tracking number that doesn’t belong to your purchase.

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Someone has put a false number in your PayPal payment so it looks like a real payment. This makes it very difficult to get your money back if there is a problem.

3 important things to keep in mind while shopping at Yeager – Review Review – When you buy things from this dishonest store, there are three important things to remember. These are:

We didn’t get your package – Review

This happens a lot with fake online shops – they take your money but don’t send you anything.

Getting something that is not as good as what was expected or desired Review – Getting a product that is not the one you asked for. This is when someone tricks you by offering something good but giving you something else, like getting plastic sunglasses instead of a closet. It’s called bait and switch.

Someone stole info from someone else’s credit card – Review

This fake online shop might also steal information from your credit card. You may get charged too much or for something you didn’t want at the store.

Summary – Review Review – It looks like Yeager. Store isn’t a real online store. This store is not trustworthy and has fooled people who didn’t know better. The signs that it’s not a good store are clear in this review.

If you’re thinking of buying from this store, be careful. To avoid getting scammed while shopping online, just follow these easy steps: Firstly, check how long the website has been around using Who.

Then, take a look at the store’s address and copy and paste it into Google Maps. This will tell you whether the location is a legitimate warehouse or just a house.

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