Reviews 2023: Is Agreetobehappy A Scam Or Legit Store? Reviews Reviews Reviews – Agreetobehappy is a website where you can buy things like a pen holder, a cup made of stainless steel, and exercise bands.

It’s like a store on the internet. These things are being sold very cheaply, which is worrisome.

This website has many problems that show it’s not real. This review will tell you everything you need to know about the store. We found some new things, they are:

Why you should not buy from – Reviews

Agreetobehappy has a lot of warning signs and you shouldn’t buy anything from their website. Some warning signs to look out for are:

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Making a website Reviews – The website was made in November 2022 and will end in November 2023, which means it might not be reliable because it can be easily removed.

Customer complaints – Reviews

When customers are unhappy and they express their negative thoughts about any product or service they have paid for.

People who bought things from this store and shared their experiences online said it’s a dishonest store. They didn’t receive the things they wanted to buy from there. We tried to get our money back from the store, but couldn’t reach them because the email address on their website doesn’t work. The phone numbers on the website are not working.

It has an incorrect or false address for contact information – Reviews

Agreetobehappy has put their address on their website: 2207 Russia Street, Abovyan 2208, Armenia. After checking carefully, it turned out that the address belongs to other businesses. This is also doubtful because real stores always give correct information on their website.

Discounts that seem too good to be true and may indicate something wrong or unfair

The prices on the website are very cheap but it is probably a fake store trying to trick people.

The security is not good or there is no security at all – Reviews Reviews – The website is not safe because it doesn’t have security from Mcafee or Norton. This means that the website can be easily attacked by hackers who may take and mess with people’s personal and money details.

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Comments by people who have used a product or service – Reviews

The site doesn’t have any comments from customers. This is strange because real stores usually let customers leave reviews.

Things that have been taken without permission – Reviews took many things, like words and pictures of items, from other online shops without permission.

This often happens with fake websites that try to cheat people. They sell fake products and customers can’t return them.

Is the website trustworthy or not? – Reviews has a lot of warning signs according to the important points mentioned earlier. Reviews – This website tricks people by offering really low prices to make them want to buy. But sometimes, people don’t get what they want when they buy things online. They might get something worse than what they ordered, or they might not get anything at all. This is when someone tricks you by offering something good but then gives you something different that’s not as good.

Some people wonder if it is safe to use PayPal to shop from – Reviews

However, using PayPal does not guarantee their safety. Here’s the reason why.

Scam online stores use fake tracking numbers that have nothing to do with your purchase. When a fake tracking number is added to your PayPal payment, it may look like the transaction is complete. This can make it difficult to get a refund if something goes wrong.

Here are 3 important things you need to know when you buy from – Reviews

If you buy things from a store that tricks people, remember these three things:

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You didn’t get your package

This is what usually happens with fake online shops: They take your money, but you don’t get anything delivered.

Getting something that is not as good or not the same as what you wanted or expected – Reviews Reviews – This is when someone tricks you by showing you one thing and giving you something else instead. For example, they might show you a picture of a wardrobe but then give you a cheap pair of plastic sunglasses instead.

Stolen money card – Reviews

This fake online shop might steal information from your credit card. You might be charged for something you didn’t want, or the store might charge you too much money. They regularly take money from your credit card.

Summary – Reviews

This website called seems if you want to find out if an online store is a scam, look at how old the website is on Who. You should also check the address they provide – if you copy and paste it into Google, you can see if it’s a real warehouse or just someone’s home.

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