Review: Is It Scam Or Legit? Review Review Review – The shop has things for sale that don’t cost too much, and if you buy more than $89 worth of stuff, they’ll send it to you without charging for shipping.

Furthermore, the online store promotes various ways for customers to pay such as VISA, Amex, Diner Club, and more. You can return items within 30 days and it might take 7 to 20 days for your order to arrive.

What we learned about the Cherley Dresses website – Review Review – Cherley clothing seems real because their website looks good and their prices are low, but can you believe them. Here’s what we found out about the Cherley store at Cherley.

We don’t have the owner’s information – Review

The store is not very trustworthy but also not untrustworthy.

This is why might not be a trustworthy place to buy clothes. Review – At first glance, seems to offer many things to buy with just a click. But there are other things to think about before ordering. These points will give more help.

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Possible Discounts that might not be trustworthy or reliable

The prices on website look very low and unbelievable. This means there are signs that the store is only trying to get people to come in and shop. Review – The Cherley website doesn’t have a phone number for people to call. This is doubtful because buyers cannot directly contact the company if they do not receive their purchase or if it is not good quality. Be careful or be cautious.

Email that does not respond or reply – Review

Cherley com put their email address on their website for people to see. What you need to understand is that it’s a way to seem dependable. People who used mail to buy things have felt disappointed.

No one is responsible or held accountable – Review

If you get tricked, you can’t find out who did it and they won’t get in trouble. If there is no real person in charge of the store, it might be a bad sign. Review – The information has been copied from somewhere else without permission or proper citation.

You may find this among stores that are trying to look real but are actually scams.

Reviews are written based on real experiences and can give valuable information about an online store’s sales, delivery, and product quality. Review – The online shop we searched has a rating of 2. 1 out of 5 and a customer on the website TrustPilot left negative comments about it. So, don’t expect too much from this website.

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Have a look for yourself

Maggie Marett said –

This website is bad. I am confused about how a company that appears on Google’s top results can still be a fraud. I needed a dress for a wedding, but I don’t have one now. I can’t believe people would create a dishonest business and keep taking away more than $50 from others. Bad people, in my opinion. I don’t think they will answer my email about the wrong thing they sent me. I wish that people will find Cherley’s forum first and stop buying from their website.

I told PayPal that I had a problem with the item and they gave me my money back right away.

Don’t spend your money on this website – Review

It’s really bad to order from fake stores because it can make you feel upset and let down. They want to take people’s money without giving them anything in return. You won’t receive the things you asked for from this shop.

How to avoid getting tricked by scams Review – Use the internet to make sure the website is real by checking its name, picture, where it is, email address, and other information.

To prove a website is real, certification experts made a mark called a stamp for trusted websites. A trust seal called Trusted site certification lets shoppers know the site is safe.

Try Google Transparency Report – Review

Google’s safety technology checks for dangerous websites and hacked websites every day and finds thousands of them.

Look if the website has social media accounts Review – Be careful of stuff like using the same things from other sources, using images that have been used before, not getting people involved, not being honest, and having links that can harm your computer or trick you into giving away personal information.

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Summary – Review Review – Cherleycom is a shopping site that cannot be trusted, just like Udysloco. We suggest that shoppers should not go to this store because there is a risk of being cheated.

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