Review 2023: Is It Scam Or Legit? Review Review Review – Ketty Mini Dachshunds is an internet-based retailer which specializes in the sale of Mini Dachshund puppies, among other things. Their website can be found at

These items are being offered for sale at a discounted price that seems dubious.

There are numerous indications on this website that suggest it is not trustworthy, and this evaluation will reveal all the crucial information about this store. Several findings have been made which include:

Here are some compelling reasons to avoid making purchases from – Review Review – There are numerous warning signs associated with Kettyminidachshunds that make it advisable to refrain from making any purchases through their website. Several warning signs to look out for are:

The process of developing a website – Review

The fact that the website was established in May 2022 and will expire in May 2023 suggests that it is a short-lived website and therefore not a reliable source.

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Grievances expressed by clients – Review Review – Numerous online reviews left by previous customers of this store allege that it operates fraudulently, as they reportedly did not receive the items they had ordered.

Despite every attempt made to get a refund from the store, no successful communication was established.

Several clients expressed their thoughts in the following manner:

I paid a total of $800 for a puppy, which includes $600 for the price of the puppy and an additional $200 for shipping. Subsequently, an email is received from the shipping company notifying that an electronic air-cooled crate will be utilized for the puppy as the area is currently experiencing extreme heat. You will need to pay $3385 for the first-class, $2350 for the second class, and $1450 for third class. Failure to do so will result in the possible return of a counterfeit puppy. Their intention is to defraud you of $800 and subsequently threaten you into acquiring one of the initial three categories of crates for the pup. This is a huge fraud!

Warning about fraudulent activity – Review

It has concealed its location information. Review – The contact address of Kettyminidachshunds is cleverly concealed on their website. The behavior of is doubtful and suggests that they are concealing information pertaining to their customers.

Authentic stores typically furnish precise details on their websites, so it’s dubious if a store fails to do so. This serves as a warning sign and evidence that the store is a fraudulent one.

The website’s excessively low prices are highly suspicious and indicate that the store is fraudulent.

Inadequate or absent protection Review – lacks security measures such as Mcafee or Norton, rendering it an unsecured website.

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The website becomes vulnerable to potential hacking attempts which can result in theft and manipulation of customers’ personal and financial data.

Purloined possessions – Review

The majority of the content and product images on have been plagiarized from different e-commerce websites. Review – It is a frequent occurrence among fraudulent internet retailers. The products are falsely presented as authentic, whereas in actuality, consumers are given low-quality imitations and lack the ability to return them.

Abstain from any form of social media usage

The absence of social media handles for suggests that the store is not registered on any social media platform. This scenario appears questionable because reliable online stores typically maintain an active social media presence.

Can be trusted or is it a fraudulent website? – Review Review – raises many concerns based on the aforementioned crucial aspects.

Similar to fraudulent online shops, it entices customers with inexpensive discounted rates.

Unfortunately, some customers receive an item that is entirely different from what they ordered or a subpar quality, while others are left empty-handed. This instance serves as a prime illustration of a deceptive tactic known as bait and switch.

Is shopping on safe if I use PayPal? – Review Review – Unfortunately, this is not guaranteed and the following explains why.

Currently, PayPal cannot assure rapid reimbursement. These fraudulent internet shops are known for employing counterfeit tracking numbers that have no connection to your purchase. By entering a fraudulent tracking number in your PayPal transaction, it appears to PayPal as a legitimate transaction and subsequently, obtaining a chargeback becomes very challenging. To obtain further details on obtaining a refund, please refer to this link and read through the information provided.

Deceptively fraudulent retail establishment – Review

Three crucial points to keep in mind while making purchases from

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Your package has failed to arrive

Typically, fraudulent online stores will charge your account but fail to deliver the merchandise as promised.

Receiving a product that is not of the same quality or standard as expected Review – Getting an item that is entirely distinct from the one that was requested. This is an archetypal instance of a fraudulent tactic known as bait and switch, in which you are given an alternative product, such as a cheap pair of plastic sunglasses in lieu of a desired wardrobe.

Fraudulent use of a compromised credit card – Review

Online stores that engage in fraudulent activities increase the likelihood of your credit card being compromised. Review – You may end up with unauthorized charges for an item that you did not purchase or excessive fees from the retailer in question. Frequently, they continue to withdraw funds from your credit card.

In summary – Review

It is evident from all the signs that is a fraudulent website and not a legitimate online shop. Review – This store has been deceiving unaware customers and the strong indications of this can be seen in the review.

Hence, potential customers are advised to be cautious when dealing with this store. To identify fraudulent online shops with ease, it is advisable for online consumers to investigate the Domain age on

They should also examine the store’s address and conduct a search using Google to determine if the location is a residential or commercial structure.

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