Quesent.Shop Review 2023: Is It Scam Or Legit?

Quesent.Shop Review
Quesent.Shop Review

Quesent.Shop Review – Quesent.shop is an e-commerce website that offers an extensive range of products including but not limited to umbrella-style fountains, portable strollers with four-in-one functionality, trendy Airfryers, versatile ovens, and stylish oval spinning jewelry cabinets. These items are being offered for sale at a possibly dubious discount.

This website has several indicators that suggest it is not a legitimate site, and this evaluation will reveal crucial information regarding the store. There have been several notable findings, including:

The following are compelling arguments against making purchases from Quesent.shop – Quesent.Shop Review

Quesent.Shop Review – There are a plethora of indicators of potential issues with Quesent, thus making it advisable to avoid making purchases from their website. Several warning signs to watch out for are:

The process of producing a website

This website was only established in April 2023 and will be outdated by April 2024, suggesting its transient nature and lack of reliability.

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Customer grievances – Quesent.Shop Review

There are numerous online reviews left by customers who have shopped at this store, claiming that it is fraudulent.

Quesent.Shop Review – They report not receiving their ordered items or receiving substandard products instead. Despite multiple attempts to reach out to the store for a reimbursement, all efforts proved unsuccessful.

Warning for fraudulent activity – Quesent.Shop Review

The ownership of the organization is held by a doubtful company.

Supic Company Ltd, the company that holds ownership over Quesent, is regarded with suspicion. Furthermore, numerous negative reviews can be found regarding this particular company on the internet.

The address displayed is bogus – Quesent.Shop Review

Quesent has provided their address for contact purposes on their website as 297 Tottenham Court, London with postal code W1T 4TQ, located in the United Kingdom.

Quesent.Shop Review – After conducting a comprehensive investigation, it was discovered that this address is linked to numerous fraudulent e-commerce websites. Quesent.shop’s concealment of its information from customers is questionable and gives rise to suspicions.

It is dubious because authentic merchants consistently offer precise details on their website. A warning sign and evidence of fraudulent activity.

Dubious and shocking sale markdowns – Quesent.Shop Review

Quesent.Shop Review – The exceptionally low prices featured on the website appear implausible, serving as a warning signal that the store is deceitful. An attractive deal of a 70 percent discount is currently being provided as well.

Inadequate or absent protection measures

Quesent.shop lacks the protection of Mcafee or Norton, making it an insecure website. The susceptibility of the website to cyber attacks increases the risk of hackers pilfering and manipulating confidential personal and financial data of Customers.

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Illegally obtained possessions – Quesent.Shop Review

The majority of the contents and product images on Quesent.shop have been taken without permission from different online stores.

Online stores that are scams are often associated with this phenomenon. Products are marketed as authentic but the truth is that customers only get low-quality replicas and there’s no option for them to make a return.

Abstaining from using any social media platforms

Quesent.Shop Review – It is suspicious that Quesent.shop has not established a presence on any social media platforms, since authentic online stores typically maintain an active and visible social media presence.

Can Quesent.shop be trusted or is it considered a fraudulent website? – Quesent.Shop Review

Quesent.shop raises numerous concerns based on the critical points outlined.

Much like bogus internet shops, it employs inexpensive markdowns as a means of enticing potential buyers.

Quesent.Shop Review – On the other hand, some customers are faced with the inconvenience of receiving a dissimilar product or a substandard version of what they had actually requested, whereas others are not fortunate enough to receive anything at all upon making an order. This serves as a typical illustration of a type of fraud called bait and switch.

Is the use of PayPal a secure means of shopping on Quesent.shop? – Quesent.Shop Review

Unfortunately, this cannot be guaranteed, and the reasons why are outlined below

Quesent.Shop Review – A prompt refund is not assured by PayPal in the present times. These fraudulent internet shops often resort to employing a spurious tracking code that bears no relevance to your order.

If you use a false tracking number in your PayPal transaction, it appears as a valid transaction in PayPal’s records, which can make it challenging to dispute or receive a refund. If you wish to obtain additional details on how to retrieve your funds, you can access the link provided to gain further insight.

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Three essential factors to keep in mind while purchasing from Quesent.shop – Quesent.Shop Review

There are three important factors to be mindful of when making purchases from this fraudulent store.

Your package has not been delivered – Quesent.Shop Review

Quesent.Shop Review – Typically, fraudulent online retailers will take your payment but fail to deliver the goods as promised.

Receiving a product that is dissimilar or of lower quality

Receiving an item that is entirely distinct from the one that was requested. This situation provides a typical instance of a deceitful tactic known as bait and switch, wherein you are given a dissimilar product, like substituting a closet for a cheap plastic pair of sunglasses.

Fraudulent use of a credit card that has been illegally accessed

Fraudulent online stores may potentially compromise your credit card security. In this scenario, it is possible to have unauthorized charges on your account for an item you did not purchase, or to be charged more than the correct price by the retailer. Frequently, they continue to make withdrawals from your credit card account.

In summary – Quesent.Shop Review

This store is not to be trusted as it has duped unsuspecting shoppers and numerous red flags have been identified in this evaluation, hence caution should be exercised by potential buyers.

Quesent.Shop Review – To identify fraudulent e-commerce websites with ease, it is advisable for online shoppers to verify the age of the domain on Who.is.

Additionally, they should examine the store’s address and conduct a Google search using the provided details to determine if the location is a residential building or a warehouse.

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