Zidmall.com Reviews 2023: Is Zidmall A Scam Or Legit Store?

Zidmall.com Reviews
Zidmall.com Reviews

Zidmall.com Reviews – Zidmall is a website where you can buy different things like T-shirts, socks, and camisoles for women. They have sales where things are really cheap.

This website has many warning signs that show it isn’t real. This review will tell you everything you need to know. We found out some things.

Why it’s not a good idea to buy things from Zidmall.com – Zidmall.com Reviews

Zidmall.com Reviews – Zidmall has lots of problems, which are good reasons not to shop there. Some signs that something might be wrong are:

Making a website – Zidmall.com Reviews

The website was made in August last year and will only last until August next year, so it might not be dependable. It’s called a disposable website, which means it’s not meant to stay around for long.

When a customer is not happy with a product or service they received, they might make a complaint.

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Zidmall.com Reviews – People who bought things from this store said online that it’s a fake store because they didn’t receive what they bought. I tried to get my money back from the store, but I couldn’t reach them through email or phone. The email address they gave is a scam and the phone numbers don’t work.

A person who bought something said this:

This is a lie. If there are no things to sell, no contact number, then no one will respond. No more money.

The address is not visible or easy to find – Zidmall.com Reviews

Zidmall.com doesn’t show where to get in touch with them on their website. Zidmall.com seems shady and doesn’t want to give its customers all the important details. This seems strange because real stores usually give correct information on their website. This means that the store is a scam and you should be careful.

Suspicious/Outrageous Discounts mean discounts that seem too good to be true, and make people feel uneasy or suspicious about the offer

The super cheap prices on the website are probably not real and could mean that the store is trying to trick people.

The place doesn’t have good protection or has no protection at all – Zidmall.com Reviews

Zidmall.com Reviews – The website Zidmall.com isn’t safe because it doesn’t have protection from Mcafee or Norton. This means the website is easy for hackers to get into and they can take and change people’s personal and money information.

Opinion from people who buy or use a product or service – Zidmall.com Reviews

It’s strange that there are no customer reviews on the website. Usually, real stores have a way for customers to leave reviews.

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Things that were taken by someone who did not have permission – Zidmall.com Reviews

Zidmall.com took a lot of pictures and information from other websites without permission.

This happens a lot with fake online shops. They pretend the products are real, but really people get a cheap fake version and can’t send it back.

Is Zidmall.com a real or fake website? – Zidmall.com Reviews

There are many problems with Zidmall.com

Zidmall.com Reviews – This website tricks people into buying things by offering really low prices. Sometimes, when people order things, they receive something different or not as good as what they wanted. Some people don’t get anything at all. This is when someone tricks you by offering something good, but then gives you something else that’s not as good.

Summary – Zidmall.com Reviews

Zidmall.com Reviews – It looks like Zidmall.com is a fake online shop. This store is not good. It has cheated people who didn’t know any better. There are many signs that show it’s not trustworthy. People should be careful when buying from there.

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